Partner with MG Medicals


In the event you are a reputed company producing quality medical equipment, if you are interested in appointing a proper authorized company as your agent in Sri Lanka, we have a network island wide distributors and sales team to promote your products in Sri Lanka. MG Medicals is an ideal, qualified and recognized company in Sri Lanka you can rely on. You can discuss with us all terms and conditions which are negotiable. We will always do what we say and let nothing compromise our honesty and professionalism in serving and representing our patrons.


In the event you are figuring out to become an agent of MG Medicals, we have things you will want to think about before you decide. We are producing quality hospital furniture and we are looking out the opportunities to sell them world wide. Therefore, discuss with us terms and conditions and come to an agreement with us to represent MG medicals in your country. Confidentiality is an important principle in our business relationships and it functions to impose a boundary on the data we come across as a result of business dealings and we assure that business information will not be disclosed to another party under any circumstances.


We play a critical role in providing quality products and however, we consider this role a privilege and we know it requires constant vigilance unrelenting commitment and make changes to accomplish the aspirations of customers. Meanwhile, we go the extraordinary lengths and miles to satisfy our customers with much promise.


Our future strategy to develop markets worldwide with an in-depth and long term approach maintaining at each step the highest ethical standards. Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. Relying on the principle of honesty, integrity and professionalism, we are to expand bigger marking channels and tap into potential business opportunities to grow. As most trusted company in medical equipment trade, we carry on to flourish for the future and we look ahead and understand the trends and forces that will shape our activities in the future and move rapidly to prepare for the upcoming, profitably through our superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment altogether and develop with our partners.


You can’t enjoy wealth if you are not in good health

The fact that MG Brand products are in superior quality makes our brand name all the more appropriate. MG brand carries with it the promise of good health and well being of human beings. Our success depends entirely on the creativity, performance and achievements of our staff at all levels. We value challenge, innovation, collaboration and training. Our MG brand name has helped customers to recognize us among our competitors. Branding is the source of our promise to our customers. When you purchase MG brand products rest assured that you are getting the best products you have in mind. We are looking after each of our customers with an equal amount of care and responsibility regardless of whether they are large or small. It is critical for our success. In our business dealings we feel clarity, transparency and clear communication in dealing with our customers.

MG Medicals is on an accelerated path of growth and has gradually emerged over the years and shaped by customers and staff. It reflects our image and the way we act. Our brand name represents high quality products standards. Behind our icon is a strong corporate and trust in terms of capabilities of our company. We demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainable business practices.